Winter Car Prep

Winter Car Prep

Prepping Your Car For Winter

Ah winter, a time of short days and long nights. It’s the time of year where we celebrate the holidays and spend quality time with family. It’s also a time where the weather gets cold, and the roads get icy. Now most modern vehicles sold today are designed to handle colder weather, but not to handle the rigors of winter driving. We at Jim Boudreau’s Automotive Service now first have the difficulty of winter driving. Our shop, nestled in the heart of Tewksbury, MA, sees its fair share of snow and ice. Because of this, we spend time preparing ourselves and customers from what to expect when road conditions worsen. Our team understands you may have trepidations for winter travel. We like to share with you some of the auto repairs you can do to prepare for winter on the roads.

Tires Tires Tires

Having the proper tread on your tires is great when traveling through rain, but did you know tread just as important for snow and ice. Be sure to check your tread for any signs of wear. When you bring your vehicle to a shop, make sure to have all four tires. Furthermore, as the air gets cold, the air pressure in your tire falls. Tires with low air pressures will overheat and eventually come apart. Our ASE-certified technicians recommend you get your tires refilled to the standard pressure. In the most extreme case of roads blanketed by snow, it may be best to install snow tires. Snow has a unique tread design, allowing better friction and contact with the snow. In addition, deeper grooves in the tires help grab the road in icy wet conditions.

Keep The Car Warm

Getting your vehicle serviced with an oil change and antifreeze will keep your engine lubricated when the temperature dips below freezing. The last thing you want is your car conking out on the side of the road. Speaking of which, make sure your car’s heater is up to task of heating your car for extended periods of time. On the chance you get stuck in a massive traffic jam, it’s important you keep yourself warm. One more thing to keep in mind is your battery. Make sure to take it to a shop for inspection, so you’ll know what kind of charge is left in your battery.

Once you’ve completed your winter preparation, you’ll be able take any road condition the cold throws at you. We do want to stress to you that in this time year, try to limit your driving to only essential travel. Even the most well-prepared vehicle and driver could fall victim to a snow drift or black ice. Make sure to continually check road conditions before making your journey. In case you have further questions on winter car prep, or want to schedule an appointment give us a call at (978) 396-2360. Our shop is located at 2184 Main St in the heart of Tewksbury, MA. We look forward to talking to you soon.

Written by Jim Boudreau’s Automotive Service Center