Tewksbury Tire Shop

The condition of your car or truck’s tires matters enormously. We offer a full range of tires for all types of vehicles, as well as essential tire maintenance and replacement services.

Quality Tires at Affordable Prices

As a full service tire shop, we keep a wide variety of different sizes and types of automotive tires available in stock. Residents of Tewksbury and the surrounding areas count on us for our excellent tire selection.

If you require an unusual tire size or model for your vehicle, in the rare event we do not have a match already in our inventory, we’ll order tires for you. Our tire shop offers competitive, reasonable prices and super fast service.

Tire Replacement Services

Need a tire or two replaced, or a whole new set? Our tire shop supplies experienced, knowledgeable assistance. We’ll assist with every aspect of tire replacement, from evaluating heavily worn or damaged treads to locating the correct tire aspect ratio.

In most cases, we offer convenient tire replacement assistance while customers wait. If you prefer, you can also enjoy the convenient option of dropping off your vehicle for a tire replacement and picking it up afterwards. And we offer a free tire rotation with your purchase!

Essential Tire Maintenance Services

Hard winter weather road conditions in this area sometimes take a heavy toll on automotive tires. Massachusetts drivers need to maintain vehicle tires in good condition in order to drive safely along frozen highways and icy, snow-covered bridges.

Let our skilled technicians assist you in keeping your vehicles in roadworthy condition throughout the year. For example, with important services such as:

● Routine Tire and Tread Inspections
● Maintaining Correctly Inflated Tires
● Tire Rotation and Balance
● Patching Tires (If Possible)

The Importance of Routine Tire and Tread Inspections

Why should you consider requesting periodic inspections of your vehicle’s tires by a qualified mechanic? Our company maintains a well-equipped tire shop, so we can easily elevate your vehicle to inspect every tire with care. We endeavor to detect signs of heavy tread wear, damage, or weakness.

Most drivers cannot perform this comprehensive type of examination easily at home. If we do notice a developing problem, we’ll alert you to the issue promptly. In many cases, drivers who gain advance notice about wear issues enjoy a better opportunity to replace a damaged tire before a blowout occurs along the road.

Tire Rotation Services

Our tire rotation services help drivers maintain the anticipated lifespan of their automotive tires more effectively. Driving typically imposes far heavier demands on some parts of the tire tread than others due in part to automotive alignment. We rotate and balance tires to help our customers optimize the value and performance of every tire.

Give us a call or stop by today to learn more about our sales and services of tires!