What to Do If Your Air Conditioning System Is Blowing Warm Air

What to Do If Your Air Conditioning System Is Blowing Warm Air

Even the best-made AC unit may need to be recharged from time to time. Homeowners who have noticed a drop in performance, those who keep struggling with the thermostat in order to maintain a comfortable temperature or who have noticed warm air blowing from the vents may require professional service and maintenance in order to restore the system to good working order. From adding coolant to the system to inspecting fans, motors, and other components in order to ensure they are free of any mechanical issues, the assistance and service solutions offered by a qualified technician can be an invaluable resource.

Recharging the Coolant

AC units make use of a substance known as a coolant in order to provide refrigeration. This is done by compressing the coolant into a liquid state and then allowing it to expand into a gas. Over time, leaks may develop within the system which can allow coolant to escape. Systems that are unable to maintain sufficient levels of coolant may suffer from the impaired output, reduced efficiency and an inability to provide adequate cooling. New coolant can be added to the system in order to recharge the unit, but only a professional may possess the skills and qualifications needed to perform the work.

Identifying Leaks Within the System

Small amounts of coolant may escape the system during the course of normal operation, even if the AC unit and other climate-control equipment are functioning properly. Losing trace amounts of coolant is rarely a problem in the short term but can cause issues over time. Having a professional assess coolant levels and perform an inspection of the system in order to identify the source of any leaks or the cause of any other problems the AC unit may be suffering is often the first step towards discovering why a system is blowing warm air.

Fans, Filters and Other Components

There are situations where simply recharging the system may not be enough to address the problem. Other components, such as faulty fans, clogged filters or compression motors that have begun to wear out and fail could also be the reason why an AC unit is producing warm air. Working with a qualified climate-control technician helps to ensure that any underlying issues that may be eroding performance can be swiftly identified and quickly remedied. Replacing broken components and performing a little routine maintenance can go a long way towards extending the service life of the unit and ensuring more dependable performance in the days ahead.

Taking Action Early

It is always best to deal with climate-control system issues at the first sign of trouble. AC units that are blowing warm air could be inflating utility bills or placing greater stress on the system which could result in more serious problems and more costly repairs if ignored. Owners who have noticed that their AC is unable to provide the same level of performance, that they have to keep lowering their thermostat to maintain the temperature or that their utility costs have gone up would be wise to call the professionals.

Written by Jim Boudreau’s Automotive Service Center